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Implementing Federalism

IDEA International : 2018

More than 25 countries around the world operate as a federation of some kind. Many more devolve power in other ways, either across the country or in particular regions with special autonomy.This publication explains why any change from a centralized to a federal or devolved system is a significant one. It also outlines some of the challenges that arise in the context of such change, and...

Source: IDEA International

Link: https://www.idea.int/sites/default/files/publications/implementing-federalism.pdf

Tags: Decentralization

Freedom of Expression for Parliaments and their Members: Importance and Scope of Protection

Inter-Parliamentary Union : 2018

The overall aim of this handbook is to help parliamentarians better understand international standards on freedom of expression. There are two main thrusts. One is to help ensure that they can promote these standards in their work, in particular through their legislative activities. The second is to help ensure that they can themselves enjoy to the full the extensive freedom of expression...

Source: Inter-Parliamentary Union

Link: https://www.ipu.org/file/5467/download?token=ggAWIjcR

Tags: Human Rights

Broadening Local Constituencies: Strategies for Standing Together

Hannah Dwyer Smith : 2018

Recent years have seen civil society face mounting attacks on an unprecedented scale. The pressing question remains: How can civil society respond to this “new normal”? Civil society is rendered more vulnerable because of a lack of strong links to national and local constituencies. By extension, if civil society is able to build and forge these links, civil society actors would become more...

Source: iCON and CSIS

Link: https://csis-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/publication/180618_Smith_LocalConstituencies_FINAL.pdf?kw4byXkA7u7g080qIGvmhEG0t1gZTZ34

Tags: Human Rights

Tax and Development: Challenges in Asia and the Pacific

Satoru Araki and Shinichi Nakabayashi (Eds.) : 2018

This publication is an attempt to share the knowledge and experiences of contributors who have worked on tax and development issues, and to highlight what they think are challenges facing the region. It provides regional views of tax and development issues in Asia and the Pacific, presents theoretical analyses of country policies, and shares practical experiences of tax systems of selected...

Source: ADBI

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/456486/adbi-tax-and-development-challenges-asia-pacific.pdf

Tags: Taxation and Revenue Collection

Promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: Nepal’s Commitments and Obligations

USAID, The Asia Foundation and INHURED International : 2018

Nepal has an age-long patriarchal social, economic, political and cultural setup that is deeply entrenched and widespread in which women and Dalits are the hardest-hit. The recent wave of political change in the country has brought significant progress in addressing these issues, supported by positive national and international commitments and affirmative action towards marginalized...

Source: The Asia Foundation

Link: https://asiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Promoting-Gender-Equality-and-Social-Inclusion-Nepals-Commitments-and-Obligations.pdf

Tags: Gender mainstreaming

Records 16-20 of 521, Page 4 of 105