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Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People

The Asia Foundation : 2018

The Survey is a map of social change over time, presenting a clear picture of the gains and gaps that Afghans perceive in a rapidly transforming nation. It has gathered views of Afghan citizens on topics such as security, elections, governance, the economy, essential services, corruption, youth issues, reconciliation with the Taliban, access to media, migration, the role of women, and...

Source: The Asia Foundation

Link: https://asiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018_Afghan-Survey_fullReport-12.4.18.pdf

Tags: Governance

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018

United Nations : 2018

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 reviews progress in the third year of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This overview presents highlights of progress and remaining gaps for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), based on the latest available data, and examines some of the interconnections across Goals and targets. Subsequent chapters focus in...

Source: United Nations

Link: https://unstats.un.org/sdgs/files/report/2018/TheSustainableDevelopmentGoalsReport2018-EN.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Social Outlook for Asia and the Pacific 2018

UNESCAP : 2018

This report lays out new arguments and evidence for the critical and urgent need to increase investment in people, particularly in social protection. Countries in the region do not have to wait to become rich to start investing in people. Even low income and lower-middle income countries can boost social spending, as evidenced by some first movers across the region.


Link: https://www.unescap.org/sites/default/files/publications/Social_Outlook.pdf

Tags: Social Inclusion

Open Data Barometer: Leaders Edition

World Wide Web Foundation : 2018

The report looks at how leading governments are performing a decade into the open data movement, and outlines what needs to happen for the movement to progress forward. The report looks specifically at 30 governments that have made concrete commitments to champion open data and assesses their progress towards achieving their commitments.

Source: World Wide Web Foundation

Link: https://opendatabarometer.org/doc/leadersEdition/ODB-leadersEdition-Report.pdf

Tags: ICT for Development

What’s the Evidence? Youth Engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals

Plan International and Asian Development Bank : 2018

This study presents evidence designed to inform future practice and policy making with regard to contributions of the youth towards the Sustainable Development Goals. It provides information that supports the design and implementation of youth programs.

Source: Plan International and Asian Development Bank

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/466811/youth-engagement-sdgs.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Records 36-40 of 554, Page 8 of 111