Local Governance Initiative and Network (LOGIN) is a multi-stakeholder network that brings together practitioners working in the field of decentralisation and local governance to connect with one another and learn from knowledge exchange.

Spanning 12 countries in South and East Asia, LOGIN's members include elected representatives, training institutions, think tanks, government departments, non-governmental organisations and inter-governmental organisations, among others.


LOGIN's vision is to enable local governments to become more capable and trustworthy service delivery institutions. This encompasses working towards local governments being accepted as key players by politicians, administrators, citizens, civil society organisations and the private sector. An equally important part of this vision is empowering citizens to become vital actors, influencing the decision-making process in local governance.


To this end, LOGIN designs and supports learning approaches and methods that help assimilate, synthesize and share experiential knowledge and good practices on decentralisation and local governance among stakeholders. This improved transfer of knowledge is ultimately expected to result in new policies and legislation, strengthened local government institutions, democratic and participatory governance, accountable public service delivery and inclusive socio-economic development in South and East Asia.

Mongolia has never had exposure to other South-East Asian countries having rich experiences of community participation and improved local governance. This experience (of connecting with peers) is valuable for us. LOGIN is a rich body of experiences, innovations and knowledge - you can 'LOGIN' when you need that and you can 'LOGIN' when you have something to share.

- Perenlei Erdenejargal, Open Society Forum, Mongolia

Fundamentals Anchoring LOGIN