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Updates from LOGIN governance events:

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3rd General Assembly

8-10 December, 2015     Phnom Penh, Cambodia

LOGIN’s 3rd General Assembly was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 8-10 December, 2015. It brought together practitioners working in the field of decentralisation and local governance to discuss learning and reform priorities for 2016, and collectively develop an annual workplan for the network. Over 80 representatives from 12 South East Asian countries, SDC Country and Head Offices, LOGIN’s...

2nd General Assembly

2-4 December, 2014     Kathmandu, Nepal

The 2nd LOGIN General Assembly was held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 2-4 December 2014. The focus of the meeting was to: Review the activities undertaken in 2014 Develop theories of change at the thematic and institutional levels Set strategic priorities for 2015 The meeting allowed for reflection on the 'idea of change' and its contextualization in member countries. Members reflected on...

1st General Assembly

3-5 December, 2013     Haryana, India

LOGIN's 1st General Assembly was held from 3-5 December 2013 in India. Over 70 representatives from 10 member countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam; and the SDC) attended this meeting. The General Assembly provided a platform for members to share knowledge exchange and peer-learning experiences from the activities held during...

Constituent Assembly

2-4 July, 2013     New Delhi, India

Following the Planning Meeting held in late 2012, LOGIN's Constituent Assembly (2-4 July 2013) was held with the intention of kickstarting the network, defining its basic systems and procedures, discussing the network's governance structure and developing a rudimentary work plan for the year ahead. Specifically, the purpose of the Constituent Assembly was to: Constitute LOGIN and...

Planning Meeting

11-12 December, 2012     New Delhi, India

On 11-12 December 2012, key stakeholders and potential members to the LOGIN network met to define the platform's structure and activities. The meeting was attended by participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and Switzerland. The objectives of the meeting included: To clarify ownership and commitment of key stakeholders, define required...

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