Governance Events

Planning Meeting

11-12 December, 2012|New Delhi, India

On 11-12 December 2012, key stakeholders and potential members to the LOGIN network met to define the platform's structure and activities. The meeting was attended by participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and Switzerland.

The objectives of the meeting included:

  • To clarify ownership and commitment of key stakeholders, define required organisational structures and agree on joint cooperation modalities to establish LOGIN
  • To identify the main stakeholders to the platform, including thematic priorities for cross-country learning on decentralisation and local governance
  • To gain clarity on the objectives and expected results from the platform, and understand how major 'learning' and 'transfers into practice' can be observed

The two-day discussions repeatedly confirmed the interest and willingness of the actors to be a part of a network that seeks to share and learn about processes that strengthen decentralisation and local governance reform agendas in their countries. The demands from the network highlighted the strengths that stakeholders saw in their country reform processes as well as the gaps that existed in terms of policy, implementation and/or capacities.

There was an overwhelming agreement on a need to exchange and learn from each other, placing high value on knowledge gained from experiences. Participants expresses their willingness to share ideas, critique their own experiences and provide constructive suggestions on how the network should ideally function.

This meeting was instrumental in laying the foundations for LOGIN.