Governance Events

Constituent Assembly

2-4 July, 2013|New Delhi, India

Following the Planning Meeting held in late 2012, LOGIN's Constituent Assembly (2-4 July 2013) was held with the intention of kickstarting the network, defining its basic systems and procedures, discussing the network's governance structure and developing a rudimentary work plan for the year ahead.

Specifically, the purpose of the Constituent Assembly was to:

  • Constitute LOGIN and collectively shape the network
  • Build a community which is motivated to engage in future knowledge exchange and peer-engagements with regard to decentralisation and local governance
  • Experience the value of learning through the network

The three-day meeting brought together potential members of the network and oriented the participants on the developments so-far. It provided a platform for further deliberation on the network's role, objectives, structure and activities. Further, it allowed for the launch of the network, including knowledge exchange and peer-engagements on decentralisation and local governance related themes. At the end of the meeting, LOGIN's annual work programme was developed for the year ahead.