Governance Events

3rd General Assembly

8-10 December, 2015|Phnom Penh, Cambodia

LOGIN’s 3rd General Assembly was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 8-10 December, 2015. It brought together practitioners working in the field of decentralisation and local governance to discuss learning and reform priorities for 2016, and collectively develop an annual workplan for the network. Over 80 representatives from 12 South East Asian countries, SDC Country and Head Offices, LOGIN’s Operational Committee and the Secretariat participated in this meeting.

The focus of the meeting was to:

  • Share and acknowledge the context-defined challenges and potentials across countries
  • Get better acquainted with the competencies offered via LOGIN
  • Exchange information on the activities of the past year
  • Provide guidance on the future learning orientation
  • Initiate discussions and arrive at agreements on the future institutional set-up
  • Capture key messages, if any, for LOGIN’s Mid-Term Review