Governance Events

Launch of Thematic Learning Communities

21-23 May and 25-27 May, 2017|Colombo, Sri Lanka

 The move to facilitate LOGIN membership to organise themselves into Thematic Learning Communities (TLCs) is an institutional development aimed at strengthening and enriching learning processes in the Network. 

The TLCs support a continuous process of learning on relevant topics, through the development of clear and concrete projects. The members of the Thematic Learning Communities (TLC) will drive the learning agenda on the respective themes in which they have expressed interest. It is expected that this nature of engagement would positively influence practice in strategic areas in the region.

Deliberations at the 4th General Assembly (GA) held in December 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka enabled members to organise themselves in thematic clusters to discuss what they had in common; how these commonalities were manifested in their work; and discuss if it may be valuable to do something together. Following from these deliberations, it was decided to explore the possibility of the membership organising itself in Thematic Communities in four domains:

  • Capacity Building for Local Governments
  • Women’s Political Empowerment
  • Social Accountability
  • Transparency 

The TLC Launch Meeting is being organised in Sri Lanka as two sets of simultaneous launches for the four communities, scheduled as follows:

21-23 May 2017: Simultaneous launch of the TLCs on Social Accountability and on Transparency

25-27 May 2017: Simultaneous launch of the TLCs on Women’s Political Empowerment and on Capacity Building of Local Governments.

The focus of the Launch Meeting is to discover how members can enhance their learning while helping the LOGIN network to make a difference in the region. Members of a community will work together to discover shared challenges they face and discuss how they can make progress on them together, instead of each one of us addressing them alone. It will be the first step in a journey where members combine their shared experience, try new approaches in our practice, reflect on “what works”, document progress, and shape the learning of LOGIN network in the chosen domain of the selected Thematic Learning Community.