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The Future of Civil Society Organisations

International Civil Society Centre : 2020

The Future is unwritten. Yet, the current challenges and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 pandemic call for a conversation over the transformations we want to see in society, and in the humanitarian, social justice and environmental sector. In this publication, a group of leaders of civil society networks and platforms share their observations and thoughts, identifying possible directions...

Source: International Civil Society Centre

Link: https://icscentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Futures_Civil_Society.pdf

Tags: Human Rights

Civic Freedoms and the Covid-19 Pandemic

CIVICUS : 2020

The spread of Covid-19 pandemic, and the response of states to the crisis, have created unprecedented living conditions for much of the world’s population. A range of restrictions on freedoms has been introduced in attempts to curb the pandemic. However, some of these have had troubling impacts on human rights and the space for civil society. In many cases, they have patterned onto and...


Link: https://civicus.contentfiles.net/media/assets/file/COVID19April2020.pdf

Tags: Human Rights

Government budget and the Sustainable Development Goals: the Philippine experience

Rosario G. Manasan : 2020

The Philippine planning and budgeting systems are well placed in terms of their capacity to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and could serve as a useful reference for other countries. This study supports efforts to put in place an SDG expenditure tagging exercise to assist policy makers in evaluating the effectiveness of the SDG-related programmes of various...

Source: MPFD Working Paper 20/05, UNESCAP

Link: https://www.unescap.org/sites/default/files/publications/WP_20-05_Philippines_final.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID-19 World

World Economic Forum : 2020

While a global pandemic has been a looming risk for decades, COVID-19 has come as a shock to society, health systems, economies and governments worldwide. This collection of essays looks at the potential silver linings in the crisis and how might leaders use this moment to build a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable world. It looks beyond the current crisis to the potential challenges...

Source: World Economic Forum

Link: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Challenges_and_Opportunities_Post_COVID_19.pdf

Tags: Economy

How COVID-19 is Changing the World: A Statistical Perspective


COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. Everything has been impacted. How we live and interact with each other, how we work and communicate, how we move around and travel. Every aspect of our lives has been affected. The report provides a glimpse into the challenges facing national statistical offices at the moment. At a time when statistics are most needed, many statistical systems are...


Link: https://unstats.un.org/unsd/ccsa/documents/covid19-report-ccsa.pdf

Tags: Access to information

Records 1-5 of 719, Page 1 of 144