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Sourcebook on the Foundations of Social Protection Delivery Systems

Lindert, Kathy; Karippacheril, Tina George; Rodriguez Caillava, Inés; Nishikawa Chavez, Kenichi : 2020

Social protection delivery systems matter. Policy design and delivery systems have always worked hand in hand to yield meaningful programs and impacts. Countries offer a myriad of social programs, such as cash transfers, subsidies, childcare, training, or labor services, for which delivery is fragmented and navigation not easy for recipients. Simplifying fragmented processes and innovating...

Source: World Bank

Link: https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstream/handle/10986/34044/9781464815775.pdf?sequence=4&isAllowed=y

Tags: Financial Inclusion

Gender-Responsive Budgeting in India, Bangladesh and Rwanda: A Comparison

Aditi Ratho : 2020

Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is a targeted fiscal instrument that several developing countries have used to ensure that policy prescriptions to alleviate gender inequality translate into outputs by linking them to budgetary allocations. Although the concept was introduced in India, Bangladesh and Rwanda at around the same time (the early 2000s), the three countries have followed different...

Source: ORF Occasional Paper 260, Observer Research Foundation

Link: https://www.orfonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ORF_OccasionalPaper_260_Gender-ResponsiveBudgeting.pdf

Tags: Public Finance

Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on South-East Asia

United Nations : 2020

As in other parts of the world, the health, economic and political impact of COVID-19 has been significant across South-East Asia — hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. The pandemic has highlighted deep inequalities, shortfalls in governance and the imperative for a sustainable development pathway. And it has revealed new challenges, including peace and security. This report examines how...

Source: United Nations

Link: https://www.unescap.org/sites/default/d8files/2020-07/SG-Policy-brief-COVID-19-and-South-East-Asia-30-July-2020.pdf

Tags: Disaster Management

SDG Review as an Engine for Action: Promising Practices From Around the World

Partners for Review and GIZ : 2020

It is now almost five years since the 2030 Agenda was adopted and four years since the first High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) was held and in that time the world has made considerable progress in reviewing implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and assessing the results. The ten case studies in this compilation including those from Afghanistan,...

Source: Partners for Review and GIZ

Link: https://www.partners-for-review.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/SDG-review-as-an-engine-for-action-P4R-June-2020.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Exploring Post-Covid-19 Trends and Their Impact on Anti-Corruption, Governance and Development

Transparency International : 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has already forced many changes on our world and lives. These changes may be even more consequential when the crisis has ended. In fact, we may never return to the world we left behind before COVID, and that has huge implications for anti-corruption, governance and development. Given the gravity and speed of the likely political, economic and social changes in the coming...

Source: Transparency International

Link: https://images.transparencycdn.org/images/Getting-ahead-of-the-curve.pdf

Tags: Anti-Corruption

Records 1-5 of 746, Page 1 of 150