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Towards Real-Time Governance: Using Digital Feedback to Improve Service, Voice, and Accountability

Alan Gelb, Neeraj Mittal and Anit Mukherjee : 2019

This note argues that the growing use of digital technologies, including mobile connectivity and the internet, offers new opportunities to institute a range of scalable feedback mechanisms that are far speedier, and probably less costly than traditional approaches. Rapid, more granular, feedback can help in the early design phases as well as in the reform of legacy systems where major redesign...

Source: Centre for Global Development

Link: https://www.cgdev.org/sites/default/files/towards-real-time-governance-using-digital-feedback-improve-service-voice.pdf

Tags: Accountability

The Localization of the Global Agendas: How Local Action is Transforming Territories and Communities

UCLG CGLU : 2019

This report assesses local, regional, and national strategies for the implementation of the global agendas in each world region. It does so by analysing the evolution of institutional frameworks for local, metropolitan and regional governments, paying special attention to local governments’ efforts to achieve the Goals and drive transformative change. It demonstrates that cities and...


Link: https://www.uclg.org/sites/default/files/goldv_en.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Civil Society Innovation and Populism in a Digital Era

International Civil Society Centre : 2019

This report examines how civil society organisations (CSOs) are responding to the challenge of rising populism with different strategies, novel ideas and approaches, and adaptive learning processes. It includes a selection of case studies from CSOs who are responding to populism through three key forms of innovation: core innovation, adjacent innovation, and transformational innovation. ...

Source: International Civil Society Centre

Link: https://icscentre.org/innovationreport/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ICSC_InnovationReport_WEB-1.pdf

Tags: Human Rights

Financing Local Development in Myanmar: Arrangements, Outcomes & Options for Improvement

Roger Shotton : 2019

This report looks in greater detail at how the financing arrangements for local public investment and service delivery in Myanmar occur in practice, and exploring differences among state/regions and between sectors. The report draws from research in three states which sought to understand the financing arrangements for sub-national spending, and from analysis of detailed budget data generously...

Source: Asia Foundation

Link: https://asiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Financing-Local-Development-in-Myanmar_EN.pdf

Tags: Fiscal Decentralisation

The Global State of Democracy 2019: Addressing the Ills, Reviving the Promise

International IDEA : 2019

This report provides an overview of the current global and regional democracy landscape. It analyses the encouraging democratic trends and its key current challenges. The Report draws on data from the Global State of Democracy (GSoD) indices to understand the current democracy landscape. It aims at informing strategies, programmes and policy interventions in support of democracy.

Source: International IDEA

Link: https://www.idea.int/sites/default/files/publications/the-global-state-of-democracy-2019.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Records 6-10 of 649, Page 2 of 130