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Asia's Journey to Prosperity: Policy, Market, and Technology Over 50 Years

Asian Development Bank : 2020

Asia has seen rapid transformation over the last 50 years. This book presents an overview of Asia’s growth and transformation in the last 50 years and discusses key policy lessons that can be drawn from the region’s experiences. It reviews emerging issues and new trends for Asia and the world and challenges such as climate change, ocean health, and population aging. It argues that Asian region...

Source: Asian Development Bank

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/549191/asias-journey-prosperity.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Myanmar’s Economic Governance Actors

Dr. Jared Bissinger : 2019

This report examines the actors engaged in economic governance in Myanmar, the factors that shape their authority, and the ways they can contribute to improved economic governance outcomes. It lays the foundation for future research will outline actionable strategies that can be adopted by sub-national levels of government to improve economic governance outcomes.

Source: The Asia Foundation

Link: https://asiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/MBEI_Myanmars-Economic-Governance-Actors_EN.pdf

Tags: Economic Empowerment

Citizen Engagement: Emerging Digital Technologies Create New Risks and Value

Tiago Peixoto and Tom Steinberg : 2019

This paper explores the substantial impact of digital technologies both present and emerging on the way citizens engage and the ways through which power is sought, used, or contested. This paper explores what technology might mean for engagement, makes predictions, and offers policy measures for governments to consider. It summarizes ways in which emerging technologies might plausibly promote...

Source: World Bank Group

Link: http://documents.worldbank.org/curated/en/907721570027981778/pdf/Citizen-Engagement-Emerging-Digital-Technologies-Create-New-Risks-and-Value.pdf

Tags: Access to information

Ways to Achieve Green Asia

Bihong Huang and Eden Yu (Eds.) : 2019

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the environment and climate change in Asia. It first gives an overview of the environmental challenges facing the region and summarizes the economic impacts of climate change. It also offers in-depth discussions of environmental regulations, environmental governance, environmental evaluation, and the growth of carbon markets in Asia. It advances...

Source: Asian Development Bank Institute

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/556801/adbi-ways-achieve-green-asia.pdf

Tags: Environment

Testing Innovation in the Real World: Real-world Testbeds

Siri Arntzen, Zach Wilcox, Neil Lee, Catherine Hadfield, Jen Rae : 2019

This report provides a survey of how testbeds are being used to test innovations in areas that involve a public benefit or value and also where there are gaps. It shows the potential of using testbeds for mainstream public services, from schools and public health to police forces and welfare offices and promoting local economic development. It argues that testbeds could and should be used...

Source: Nesta

Link: https://media.nesta.org.uk/documents/Testing_innovation_in_the_real_world.pdf

Tags: ICT for Development

Records 11-15 of 673, Page 3 of 135