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Long-Term Pathways for the Implementation of the SDGs: The Governance Implications

OECD and SDSN : 2019

Whole-ofgovernment and whole-of-society approaches are key to building ownership for large-scale and long-term changes in areas such as governance, infrastructure and technologies.Countries should define such transformations in ways that best help them achieve the SDGs considering local needs.This reflection paper explores how strategic design and public management practices and procedures...

Source: OECD and SDSN

Link: http://unsdsn.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/OECD_SDSN-Working-Paper_2019_Final.pdf

Tags: Governance

Where Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up: Planning and Budgeting in Myanmar

Richard Batcheler : 2019

This study looks in greater detail at how planning and budgeting in Myanmar occurs in practice, including differences among state/regions and sectors. it seeks to understand how planning and budgeting decisions are being made in four critical sectors; rural development, roads, electricity and education. It also provides clear, implementable recommendations for all stakeholders in the planning...

Source: The Asia Foundation

Link: https://asiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Where-Top-Down-Meets-Bottom-Up-Planning-and-Budgeting-in-Myanmar.pdf

Tags: Planning and Budgeting

Making Decentralisation Work: A Handbook for Policy-Makers

OECD Multi-level Governance Studies : 2019

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview on the current trends in the decentralisation policies of OECD countries and beyond, and on the ways to make decentralisation work. It argues that the question should not be whether decentralisation is good or bad in itself, but that decentralisation outcomes – in terms of democracy, efficiency, accountability, regional and local development –...

Source: OECD Publishing

Link: https://delog.org/web/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Unbenannt-1.pdf

Tags: Decentralization

Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2019 - Reshaping Governance for Sustainability: Transforming Institutions - Shifting Power - Strengthening Rights

Social Watch, Global Policy Forum, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era, Public Services International, Third World Network, Arab NGO Network for Development, Society for International Development and Center for Economic and Social Rights : 2019

The Spotlight report presents a range of analyses of how current global and national governance arrangements are hindering implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and it puts forward recommendations for the structural reforms needed. In doing so, it draws from a variety of reports from the national level. It dives more deeply into the (global) governance arrangements and...

Source: Center for Economic and Social Rights

Link: https://www.2030spotlight.org/sites/default/files/spot2019/Spotlight_Innenteil_2019_web_gesamt.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

How to Formulate a National Urban Policy: A Practical Guide

UN Habitat : 2019

This Guide provides a framework for undertaking the formulation of a NUP. It provides practical steps and a coordinated process to formulate an urban policy thatadheres to five key principles: participation, inclusion, affordability, sustainability and implementability. It is mainly aimed at those involved in urban policy formulation, implementation or review, in particular policy makers,...

Source: UN Habitat

Link: https://new.unhabitat.org/sites/default/files/documents/2019-05/how_to_formulate_a_nup.pdf

Tags: Urban Development

Records 16-20 of 611, Page 4 of 123