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Local and Regional Governments Report to 2019 HLPF, 3rd Report: Towards the Localisation of the SDGs

Global Task Force on Local and Regional Governments : 2019

This report explores the involvement of Local and Regional Governments (LRGs) in the ‘localization’ of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It delivers first-hand information from LRGs in 80 different countries, including 24 of the 47 countries reporting in 2019 including Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka, and presents an overview of policies and initiatives carried out by...

Source: Global Task Force on Local and Regional Governments

Link: https://www.uclg.org/sites/default/files/towards_the_localization_of_the_sdgs_0.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Enabling The Implementation of the 2030 Agenda through SDG 16+: Anchoring Peace, Justice and Inclusion

The Global Alliance for Reporting Progress on Peaceful,Just and Inclusive Societies : 2019

This report provides an overview of country level actions and progress on SDG 16+ across different regions and development contexts and highlights key trends and findings on SDG 16+ implementation globally. The findings have been drawn from a series of regional multi-stakeholder consultations on SDG 16+, 25 country case studies as well as evidence of recent research and analysis across SDG 16+...

Source: The Global Alliance for Reporting Progress on Peaceful,Just and Inclusive Societies and Oslo Governance Centre

Link: https://www.sdg16hub.org/system/files/2019-07/Global%20Alliance%2C%20SDG%2016%2B%20Global%20Report.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Achieving Sustainable Sanitation in Asia

Sahana Singh : 2019

This policy brief argues that development finance has largely been directed towards centralized systems of wastewater management, which has resulted in large populations being excluded from proper wastewater collection and treatment services. It emphasizes the need for institutional reform and the setting up of robust frameworks for success of decentralised sanitation strategies.

Source: Policy Brief 2019-04, Asian Development Bank Institute

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/510181/adbi-pb2019-4.pdf

Tags: Public Service Delivery

Tackling Global Challenges to Equality and Inclusion Through the Gender-responsive Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Spotlight on SDGs 10, 13 and 16

UN Women, UNODC, and UNFCCC : 2019

This report documents recommendations from expert group meeting on gender responsive implementation of 2030 agenda. The experts were drawn from governments, academia, and civil society. The broad focus of the recommendations were removing structural barriers to women’s participation in decision-making, strengthening good governance and access to justice, investing in national statistical...

Source: UN Women

Link: http://www.unwomen.org/-/media/headquarters/attachments/sections/library/publications/2019/egm-tackling-global-challenges-to-equality-and-inclusion-en.pdf?la=en&vs=2650

Tags: Gender mainstreaming

The Links between Climate Change, Disasters, Migration, and Social Resilience in Asia: A Literature Review

Kayly Ober : 2019

Disasters are increasingly causing mass movements of people all over the world, but especially in Asia. While sheer numbers are important, they tell us little about how disasters impact the movement of people in Asia and to what extent people’s ability to overcome poverty and build their resilience are affected. In what ways do disasters determine where, when, and how people move? How do...

Source: ADB Institute

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/510651/ewp586-climate-change-disasters-migration-asia.pdf

Tags: Disaster Management

Records 21-25 of 611, Page 5 of 123