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The Role of the East Java Innovation Hub in Fostering Good Local Governance

Redhi Setiadi, Elke Rapp, and Gabe Ferrazzi : 2019

This governance brief examines how innovation hubs, such as one in East Java, can help improve the delivery of basic public services in Indonesia. Through online and offline mechanisms, it brings together local government, civil society organizations, the private sector, donors, and other stakeholders to share knowledge and solutions. The brief explains how the hub operates and looks at some...

Source: Asian Development Bank

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/527406/governance-brief-037-east-java-innovation-hub.pdf

Tags: Public Service Delivery

How is Leadership Understood in Different Contexts?

David Hudson and Claire Mcloughlin : 2019

This paper develops a basis for thinking about how followers form perceptions of leaders, the affect this can have on leadership practices, and why this matters for development. It identifies four key areas as important influences on how followers understand leadership: Dimensions of assessment, channels, follower identity and cultural context. This paper enables an an understanding the...

Source: Development Leadership Programme, University of Birmingham

Link: https://res.cloudinary.com/dlprog/image/upload/how-is-leadership-understood-in-different-contexts

Tags: Capacity Building

How People Think About Fairness And Why It Matters For Equitable Budgets

Jason Lakin : 2019

This reflective piece points to the need to collect more evidence on attitudes about fairness across countries and communities and to fashion messages that emphasize our common humanity, rather than our differences. This evidence will help in building a moral case for equitable budgets and redistributive policies that will resonate with a broad cross-section of society.

Source: International Budget Partnership

Link: https://www.internationalbudget.org/wp-content/uploads/how-people-think-about-fairness-and-why-it-matters-for-equitable-budgets-ibp-2019.pdf

Tags: Planning and Budgeting

Fiscal Transfers in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Financing Sustainable Development at the Local Level

UNDP : 2019

This report summarizes experiences of fiscal transfers in Asia.Fiscal transfers from central governments are essential for making expenditures such as rural roads, irrigation, health and education possible for sub-national governments and thus for making progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The report makes key recommendations in resourcing, design and administration of...

Source: UNDP

Link: https://www.undp.org/content/dam/undp/library/prosperity/inclusive-growth/RBAP-2019-Fiscal-Transfer-in-Asia.pdf

Tags: Fiscal Decentralisation

Leave No One Behind Index 2019

Soumya Chattopadhyay and Stephanie Manea : 2019

This index reviews the readiness of 159 countries to ‘leave no one behind’, assessing and monitoring the extent to which government systems are set up and ready to meet their leave no one behind commitment enshrined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It comprises of three main components: Data, Policy and Finance. The components highlighted above are not the only areas that need...

Source: ODI

Link: https://www.odi.org/sites/odi.org.uk/files/resource-documents/12920.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Records 31-35 of 649, Page 7 of 130