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Ultra-Vired: How Budget Rules And Practices Can Reduce Budget Credibility

Guillermo Herrera and Jason Lakin : 2019

Across the world, budget systems differ. One aspect of this variation concerns the degree to which executives are constrained from making changes to the budget during implementation. These rules can be more or less restrictive, and the degree to which executives follow formal rules may vary as well. This report reviews a few rules and practices in select countries from around the world...

Source: International Budget Partnership

Link: https://www.internationalbudget.org/wp-content/uploads/Ultra-Vired-How-Budget-Rules-and-Practices-Can-Reduce-Budget-Credibility.pdf

Tags: Planning and Budgeting

Inclusive Innovation Atlas

Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.) : 2019

he comparative study "Inclusive Innovation Atlas" measures for the first time Asian countries' potential for inclusive innovation – that is, their capacity for a sustainable social and economic development that benefits all segments of society without doing harm to the environment. The study examines 21 countries and compares them according to 72 indicators. The study shows that a country must...

Source: Bertelsmann Stiftung

Link: https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/BSt/Publikationen/GrauePublikationen/FINAL_BST_Inclusive_Innovation_Atlas_09_09_2019.pdf

Tags: Sustainable Development

Thirty Innovations for Disaster Risk Reduction

Izumi, Takako, Shaw, Rajib, Ishiwatari, Mikio, Djalante, Riyanti and Komino, Takeshi, : 2019

This publication features 30 innovations for disaster risk reduction including products and approaches. The innovations introduced in this report are not only high-tech products but also provide contextual approaches, traditional ideas and social science insights, offering solutions that do not require large budgets or the use of advanced technology. Economies and regions can identify the...

Source: United Nations University

Link: https://collections.unu.edu/eserv/UNU:7274/n30_Innovations_for_Disaster_Risk_Reduction_final.pdf

Tags: Disaster Management

Water Insecurity and Sanitation in Asia

Naoyuki Yoshino, Eduardo Araral, and KE Seetha Ram (Eds.) : 2019

This book brings together a collection of studies that discuss the recent developments in the water and sanitation sector in Asia and identify their spillover effects. Public–private partnerships in water supply and sanitation have had mixed results, making sustainable sanitation a particularly challenging problem. It aims to give budget-constrained policy makers the incentive to introduce...

Source: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy , National University of Singapore and Asian Development Bank Institute

Link: https://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/544131/adbi-water-insecurity-and-sanitation-asia.pdf

Tags: Public Service Delivery

Global Gender Gap Report 2020

World Economic Forum : 2019

This report benchmarks 153 countries on their progress towards gender parity in four dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment.They are designed to create global awareness of the challenges that gender gaps pose, as well as the opportunities that emerge when action is taken to reduce them. In addition, this...

Source: World Economic Forum

Link: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GGGR_2020.pdf

Tags: Gender

Records 36-40 of 691, Page 8 of 139