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Open Government Partnership Global Report: Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box, Volume II

Open Government Partnership : 2019

The second volume of the report aims to address the lack of performance insight of Open Government Partnership (OGP). It combines findings from independent review mechanisms and credible third-party datasets to assess whether OGP members are opening up government especially in policy areas identified as priorities. These pages aim to assist reformers in identifying where they can potentially use the OGP platform to achieve greater impact, and to learn from each other. It aims to provide a clearer analysis of areas of excellence and areas of improvement. It aims to showcase open government reforms to a global audience to help strengthen the hand of reformers domestically and inspire reformers in other countries to step up. The Member Pages section of the report provides readers with a comparative snapshot of achievements, progress, and areas for improvement for all OGP members.

Source: Open Government Partnership

Link: https://www.opengovpartnership.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Global-Report_Volume-2.pdf