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Democracy Facing Global Challenges: V-Dem Annual Democracy Report 2019

V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg : 2019

It is beyond doubt that democracy faces global challenges. The first section of the report shows that autocratization – the decline of democracy – affects more countries than ever before. Still, most democracies remain resilient despite global challenges such as the financial crisis, mass immigration to Europe, and fake news spreading effortlessly on social media, sparking fear. The second section of the report provides further insights into how digitalization challenges democracy. The third section shows how exclusion challenges democracy. The report is an invitation for action for pro-democratic forces to work together to prevent and/or reverse autocratization.

Source: V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg

Link: https://www.v-dem.net/media/filer_public/99/de/99dedd73-f8bc-484c-8b91-44ba601b6e6b/v-dem_democracy_report_2019.pdf

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