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Lessons from Five Decades of Experimental and Behavioral Research on Accountability: A Systematic Literature Review

Aleksovska, M., Schillemans, T., & Grimmelikhuijsen, S. : 2019

This paper presents a systematic review of the experimental literature on accountability in the behavioral sciences and draw lessons for public administration. These findings are organized in four broad themes: effects of accountability on decision-making, behavior, and outcomes; and effects of the specific characteristics of accountability mechanisms. The review shows numerous desirable effects of accountability on individual decision-making and behaviors. This is of high relevance to public administration studies on accountability as it sheds light on causal mechanisms and allows for a balanced perspective on positive and negative effects of various types of accountability mechanisms.

Source: Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 2(2)

Link: http://journal-bpa.org/index.php/jbpa/article/download/66/49