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Building Participatory and Inclusive Institutions: Bringing Meaningful Participation into Economic Decision-Making

Jodie Thorpe, John Gaventa and Evert-jan Quak : 2019

The overall aim of this paper is to shed light on what constitutes meaningful participation in areas of economic decision making such as alternative forms of economic management, citizen voice in government economic policy making and grassroots economic alternatives through the social and solidarity economy where people claim ownership over economic processes. It examines how various forms of meaningful participation in economic-decision making can be enabled and what can be learned from existing experiences in order to frame future interventions.

Source: Institute of Development Studies, Open Society Foundations, UN Inter- Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy

Link: http://unsse.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/149_Thorpe_Building-participatory-institutions_En_.pdf