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Counting on the World to Act: A Roadmap for Governments to Achieve Modern Data Systems for Sustainable Development

SDSN : 2019

This report details an action plan for governments and their development partners that will enable them to help deliver the SDGs globally by 2030. it argues the need to focus on building robust, inclusive, and relevant national data systems to support the curation and promotion of better data for sustainable development, focusing on data governance systems, legal and policy support, incentives for innovation and long term financing. The report aims specifically aim to empower government actors including national statisticians, chief data scientists, chief data officers, ministers of planning, or others concerned with evidence in support of sustainable development to advocate for, build, and lead a new data ecosystem.

Source: SDSN

Link: https://countingontheworld.sdsntrends.org/static/files/19COTW.pdf

Sustainable Development