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Constitutional Performance Assessment of the 1987 Philippine Constitution

Maria Ela L. Atienza and Amanda Cats-Baril (Eds.) : 2020

Despite the Constitution’s clear intent to institutionalize democracy, equality and grounds for decentralization and economic growth, the Philippines continues to suffer from unequal development, with most economic and political activity focused in Metro Manila. This performance assessment report supports evidence-based constitution-building with a clear scope, in which different options for change can be considered on the basis of the measures of constitutional performance and research, indicating which aspects of the Constitution are working for the Philippines and which are not. Its findings promote a measured approach to consideration of the socio-economic and political challenges the Philippines is facing, and deeper consideration of solutions proposed.

Source: IDEA and University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies

Link: https://www.idea.int/sites/default/files/publications/constitutional-performance-assessment-1987-philippine-constitution.pdf

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