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SDG16 in VNRs and Spotlight Reports: Reporting on Progress, Reflecting on Inclusive Accountability Measures and Recommendations for Going Ahead

GIZ and TAP : 2020

While governments have a leading role to play to achieve SDG 16, its achievement depends on a ‘whole of society’ approach. This report evaluates VNR and spotlight reports submitted to the HLPF 2019. In view of the 2030 Agenda’s core principles to enhance participatory, inclusive and multi-stakeholder approaches, the analysis looks at whether spotlight and VNR reports relate to one another, and if so how. It identifies the main commonalities and differences between the perspectives of governments and civil society.

Source: GIZ and TAP

Link: https://www.partners-for-review.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/GIZ_TAP_2020_SDG-16-in-VNRs-and-Spotlight-Reports.pdf

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