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Governance and Building Back Better

Khan Mohmand S : 2020

The pandemic is in many ways a crisis of governance. Its magnitude and mitigation are determined by the nature of policy responses and crisis management by leaders and governments, and existing socioeconomic inequality has led to a disproportionate impact on some groups.This paper suggests a set of governance interventions to help create conditions for positive change and support efforts to build back better. looks at how the goals of building effective and inclusive institutions will necessarily need to ensure impact in three areas: reducing inequality, and increasing redistribution and inclusion; (b) building trust, accountability and legitimacy to strengthen state–citizen linkages; and (c) contextualising interventions based on different types of regimes. It argues that short term governance interventions will help in dealing with the immediate impact of the crisis as well as laying firm foundations of future efforts to transform development in long term.

Source: IDS Brighton

Link: https://opendocs.ids.ac.uk/opendocs/bitstream/handle/20.500.12413/15676/Governance_and_Building_Back_Better.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y