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Decentralised Governance and Accountability: Academic Research and the Future of Donor Programming

Jonathan Rodden and Erik Wibbels : 2020

Many of the significant advances in what we know about decentralized governance have emerged from the joint efforts of academics and development practitioners over the last two decades.This publication represents a comprehensive review of two decades’ worth of research on the body of decentralization. It addresses a number of issues including local elections, accountability, social cohesion and conflict, and aspects of public financial management in order to address key questions for practitioners, such as: Should devolution be promoted over deconcentration? Does decentralization lead to more accountable local leaders and less corruption? Does devolution improve service delivery, state legitimacy and stability? It also examines how programming could be adjusted according to specific country contexts, such as how a decentralization program in a consolidating democracy might differ from one in a post-conflict country.

Source: USAID

Link: https://www.usaid.gov/sites/default/files/documents/1866/Decentralized-Governance-and-Accountability-Academic-Research-and-the-Future-of-Donor-Programming-r5.pdf