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SDG16 Data Initiative: Global Report 2020

SDG16DI : 2020

Civil society has a crucial role to play in supporting and complementing the work of governments in collecting, monitoring, and reporting on data for SDG16. There are a number of strategic advantages presented by civil society data (i.e. third-party, unofficial, or complementary data not collected by National Statistical organisations (NSOs), henceforth referred to as “non-official data”). Non-official data collected by civil society can fill methodological and conceptual data gaps in SDG16 data and reduce the capacity strain on NSOs through innovative methodologies and strategic partnerships with official data collectors. Civil society data producers are less likely to face less internal resistance to producing data on politically sensitive issues, such as femicide, gun violence, and corruption. This report showcases positive developments at the country level across several SDG16 indicators, with a particular focus on partnerships between NSOs, civil society, and efforts to mainstream SDG16 indicators into broader data collection processes. It also reinforces how non-official data is more important than ever in monitoring the governance impact and response to COVID-19.

Source: SDG16DI

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4tCPhxdq_0e-ZxJOBoNQ7UdeHOESGkY/view

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